M1 Breathing Apparatus

Connecting you to the future of breathing protection

MSA’s most advanced system yet is here to keep you connected. To your team, to incident command, and to what is happening on the scene.

Powerful and reliable connectivity is at the heart of our M1 SCBA system. Enabled for easy access to the cloud, with effortless monitoring and reliable data, the M1 is here.

More than just a breathing apparatus, the M1 SCBA – Safer, smarter, connected.

M1 Breathing Apparatus

M1 SCBA – Designed and developed side-by-side with firefighters

As firefighting becomes more complex, the need for increased safety is more urgent than ever. The ability to monitor, account for and communicate effectively between each team member is essential to improve safety and efficiency.

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Leading experts in breathing protection

The M1 was designed alongside the professionals who wear and monitor our systems in the field. We understand the challenges of firefighting and have created this; our most advanced and integrated system, as a direct response to those challenges.

More than just a breathing apparatus

The M1 platform incorporates all your equipment needs into one sophisticated ecosystem. From the telemetry-enabled SCBA with M1 Control Module to the smart monitoring software, the MSA HUB, and Cloud technology, it is the ultimate, integrated platform for fire safety.

Today’s complex missions require powerful and reliable solutions

The M1 system unlocks with powerful telemetry signal and reliable connectivity technology that keeps your team accounted for – every time.

Communication is at the heart of the M1 platform

Tried and tested over a thousand times in a variety of scenarios, the M1 system enables firefighters to communicate effectively and reliably. In order to achieve this, we have increased the signal power and streamlined the technology – ensuring a connection you can trust.

Technology and innovation are transforming firefighter safety.

The role of the modern firefighter is evolving, faced with new challenges on a fire ground that is always changing.

As we step into the future, it is time for a whole new generation of firefighter equipment – designed and optimised to keep firefighters safe. By developing the very latest in cloud-based telemetry and communications technology, we are driving the innovation that sparks change.

Learn about the technology that is changing the way fire brigades work!

M1 Breathing Apparatus

Still have questions?

Will I be comfortable wearing the M1 SCBA on the fire scene?

Short answer – yes! MSA’s M1 SCBA was designed to be comfortable in all scenarios so that nothing gets in the way of you doing your job. With a backplate that fits the natural shape of the back, whatever your size or shape, firefighters will all feel the same comfortable and balanced fit.

Will the M1 equipment get in the way of my doing my job?

We believe that comfort should never come at the cost of safety. MSA’s M1 SCBA is lightweight and its swivelling hip belt follows your body movement, freeing you up to focus on the job.

How does the M1 system ensure I won’t lose connection to my team on the scene?

Whilst the power of radio frequency in traditional technology diminishes over distance and other obstacles, the M1 system’s telemetry isn’t compromised by these interferences. It ensures a network of safety you can always rely on.

How will the M1 keep my team connected to those of us who are off-air?

The M1 system sets off alarms even to off-air teams, letting them know when a man is down and other crucial information.

What will happen if I am lost or trapped whilst wearing the M1 SCBA?

Among several other monitoring signals, the M1 Control Module has a free-fall alarm that is automatically sent to the MSA monitoring software, keeping you accounted for at all times. The system is enabled for mass deployment of evacuation, firefighter-down, uncontrolled loss of pressure and personal alarms to name a few.

Will I be able to configure the M1 according to the needs of my brigade?

The M1 SCBA is made to be configured and customised. The ability to do so easily has been integrated into its design – improving your ability to do your job with ease.

Will the M1 equip and prepare my team for the future?

The M1 is built with future-proof technology. It’s made to keep you safe for years to come and to help you face new challenges with seamless upgrades, as they’re needed.

Will lost signals from the M1 make it difficult to monitor incidents when I need it most?

The M1 system uses powerful telemetry radio signal with next to no downtime. Meanwhile, the Entry Control Board or any other device with MSA’s monitoring software, powered by the MSA HUB, allows you to monitor pressure states and alarms automatically and in real-time, providing fast and accurate information from firefighters to the incident command.

How will the M1 keep my team accounted for?

By improving connectivity, the M1 increases safety and accountability for the entire team – from the moment they enter the fire until the job is done.

How does the M1 enable incident command to stay connected with the team in the heat of the fire?

Using telemetry signals from the firefighters M1 Control Module to the powerful MSA HUB, the ecosystem allows you to gather data instantly from the smart Entry Control Board or any device using MSA’s monitoring software.

Will data from the M1 system be difficult to access, investigate and learn from?

With the M1 system, using cloud technology, you can access your data from anywhere, in a single location. Records are maintained for audit, training and investigation purposes well after the incident is over. This improves long-term safety for your team as well as time and cost efficiency. No more delays, no more searching for answers.

What types of alarms does the M1 system deploy?

The M1 uses mass deployment of evacuation, personal alarms, firefighter-down and uncontrolled loss of pressure to name a few.

How does the M1 system measure data to monitor the welfare of SCBA wearers?

The M1 system uses monitoring to determine when a team might need more training or practice by analysing the time it takes them to get into the fire. It also assesses elements such as how well a team is adhering to guidelines, or putting themselves at risk, by closely monitoring their speed. This data can be used to consider the psychological and physiological effect that previous activity may have had on the individual or the team’s wellbeing and their ability to safety undertake a task when deployed to use the SCBA.

What are the terms of warranty for the M1 system?

All components of the M1 are designed for longer life. MSA warrants the M1 SCBA to be free from defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of sale by MSA. This warranty applies to all components of the SCBA excluding air cylinders, C1 Headset for the G1 Mask and the SLS SingleLine SCOUT.

How much time takes the disassembly of the M1 before cleaning?

The entire M1 SCBA system is machine-washable (except for some electronic products), so there is no need to disassemble your equipment.

What do I need to consider when upgrading the M1 system?

The pressure reducer and other parts of the M1 have less subassemblies which makes an upgrade of the system extremely easy. No special tools are required and new components can be added directly at your fire station.

M1 Breathing Apparatus

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M1 Breathing Apparatus

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