Head Protection


With almost 30 years of leadership in technical rescue and wildland fire helmets, MSA offers F2 X-TREM, a multifunctional advanced protection helmet. Its comfort, modularity and wide range of accessories makes it the perfect head protection solution for various activities, such as wildland firefighting, technical rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Road traffic accident.
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Helmet Mounted Lighting Solutions

When working in fire & rescue environment, it is essential to have a good view of any potential hazards and risks. Short, medium and long range, MSA helmet mounted flashlights cover all firefighter needs.
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Fire Helmets Communication Headsets

MSA communication headsets enable complete freedom of movement while providing hands free communication. The robust design makes them ready for action in any fireground environment. Models are available for integration inside helmet, or for use as a stand-alone equipment. Different types of microphones provide an optimal solution for various operating conditions.
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Gallet F1XF Hearing Protection and Communication Headsets

With input of firefighters from around the world, MSA developed a range of high performance, integrated communication headsets, specifically designed for the Gallet F1XF helmets. These state-of-the-art accessories enable firefighters to communicate more efficiently than ever, even in tough and noisy environments.
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Push to Talk and Remote Speaker Microphones

MSA Push to Talk (PTT) and Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM) modules enable connection between MSA headsets and Portable Radios used by Emergency teams. With a robust and ergonomic design, they are perfectly suited for various types of firefighting and rescue missions. Interfaces are available for a large variety of radios.
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F2 X-TREM Accessories

To enhance the modularity of the F2 X-TREM helmet, MSA developed a wide range of accessories perfectly suited for all applications. From helmet mounted lighting solutions to secure operations at night, to tight eye protection for wildland fire-fighting, MSA thoroughly engineered each accessory to optimize safety in a wide variety of technical rescue and wildland firefighting missions.
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