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This stand-alone personal alert safety systems detects the cessation of bodily movement and activates an automatic alarm. For enhanced safety the alarm can be activated manually also. It is extremely simple to use. The sensitive, electronic motion sensor recognises all normal body Movements. Maintenance-free and durable - the motionSCOUT guarantees a great cost-performance-ratio. The operating time is extremely high being >200 hours, same as the alarm time of 10 hours continuous sound.
MSA A2 Software

MSA A2 Software

The MSA A2 software is part of the Connected Firefighter Platform, which consists of modular and wireless components. A2 facilitates an electronic and telemetric respiratory monitoring. The software significantly improves entry control monitoring and is an adequate replacement for conventional tally boards. All the details of a classic monitoring system are integrated. Monitoring the air supply of the individual user as well as the measurements and alarms of portable gas measuring devices increase the security.
Discontinued alpha Personal Network

alpha Personal Network

A new electronic personal monitoring and alarm system can also be enhanced with telemetric capability.
Discontinued ICU, ICU-S


This motion-sensitive device detects firefighter motion—without responding to false alarms. Ideal for rigorous fire service demands, this modular system is easy to maintain, too. An optional heat sensor sends an alert when hazardous heat levels are looming. Buddy light improves wearer visibility.
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